Learn all about Bodymark.

How long will the tattoos last on my skin?

The inks in these markers will fade over time but should last around 2 days. This could vary depending on skin type, area of the body and number of washes.

You can persevere it for a longer time by avoiding excessive scrubbing over the tattoo area. We also recommend that you use the markers on clean, dry skin … don’t use any lotions or moisturizers prior to applying your tattoo. This will also help to prevent any “bleeding” of your design.

What is the best way to use these markers?

The tips of these markers are designed to be flexible for fine and broad coloring. For broad areas, or filling in your tattoo, tilt the marker and use the broad area of the point. Use the tip for outlining, detailed coloring and to create texture and shading.

Can you get the tattoo wet or go swimming with it?

Once your tattoo is dry you can get it wet or go swimming.

How can I remove the tattoo design?

As the markers are designed to last for an extended period of time it will require some additional washing with warm water and soap for removal. If this does not completely remove the tattoo you can try any type of make-up remover or rubbing alcohol.

I accidently got the tattoo ink on my clothes/sheets. What can I do to remove the ink?

Remember to allow the tattoo to dry prior to coming in contact with fabrics. Ink can typically be removed from fabrics using normal stain pre-treatments and washings. Also, remember to keep your markers capped when not in use to avoid accidental contact with fabric.